You should plan a menu each week based off the deals you find in the grocery store flyers you get. You may want to start out with a basic skeleton of five or six dishes and fill them in.

Example 1:

  • Soup or stew
  • Vegetarian Meal
  • Whole grain pasta meal
  • Chicken, veg, and whole grain (or with two veg)
  • Cheap beef meal with veg and whole grain (or with two veg)
  • Salad meal (tossed salad with grilled chicken on top)

Can't decide?Edit

Create a list of twelve dishes you know. List them in an order so that your favorites and shortest meals are in the middle of the list. Take a pair of dice and roll them - look up the dish that shows up on the dice. Your favorites will be more likely to show up.


Make sure you have one or two back up meals that freeze well (chilli is a great example) when all else fails you can reheat this and be fed. Don't forget to remake it the next weekend.

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